Friday, December 3, 2010


bezza 1 new
Perodua has unveiled a next-generation prototype model called the Bezza at KLIMS. The sleek concept is tagged as the sort of vehicle that’s ideal for the future Gen-Y crowd looking for something bigger to efficiently traverse the concrete jungle as well as for longer journeys.
bezza 1
Penned 100% by Malaysian designers (totalling 53 in all, including those from private learning institutions) led by P2′s chief designer Muhammad Zamren Musa, and fabricated in Thailand, the four metre-long B-pillarless vehicle is the company’s vision of what a compact car is – a vehicle that maximises the interior with a minimised exterior.
bezza 2
Branded as a ‘mobile living space,’ with all the mod cons expected in the digital age (communications, infotainment), the study is set to become a blueprint for the company’s future models, P2 says, even though the Bezza doesn’t feature any powertrain/drivetrain – the focus of the concept is on styling studies, that of design cues and character. Perodua says that if interest in the design is high, plans to develop the particular design further into a working unit may be pursued.
bezza 3
The five-seater concept, which uncannily contains traces of the Prius in its exterior lines, features sliding rear doors and swivel front seats for easy ingress and egress, along with a distinctly agressive headlamp design.
bezza 3 new
The clean-looking interior features a cockpit layout dashboard, with the instrument panel designed for the driver’s visual ease, and the floating centre console is shaped to provide additional legroom for both driver and front passenger, with a large luggage storage area part of the design brief as well.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


This is the Proton Lekiu concept, part of the group of Proton Pahlawan Series concept cars on display at the KLIMS 2010. It’s an Exora-based SUV concept that uses the Exora’s platform, and the styling especially the front end also borrows heavily from the Exora with some offroader style design elements added.

This may or may not be sold as a Proton but we were informed sometime earlier this year at a briefing that Proton and Lotus Engineering were developing an SUV for Youngman Europestar so this could in fact be that project. If there’s a business case though, I don’t see why Proton won’t sell this. What do you think – should an SUV be part of Proton’s core model line-up?


The Proton Lekir Concept is essentially a Lotus Europa with a Proton badge. It asks a very interesting question – could a more affordable Proton-badged Lotus Europe sell?

Word is that the Lotus Europa was supposed to be a Proton in the first place, and it was known as the Proton Sepang project, but along the way it was decided that it would be sold as a Lotus instead, and of course with that came along Lotus prices. The Europa was short-lived and the position of a more comfortable Lotus has been filled by the Lotus Evora.

Seems like quite a shame to let the Europa go to waste – now imagine this, a Proton-badged Lotus Europa priced below RM150,000 and powered by the upcoming turbocharged Campro engine. A true rakyat’s sports car?


The Proton Saga facelift which made its world debut in Thailand earlier his week makes an appearance at the KLIMS 2010 as the Proton Kasturi Concept, which is kitted up but not quite the same as the Proton Saga R3 Concept shown in Thailand.

While that one’s kitted up by R3, the bodykit on this Proton Kasturi Concept is by Proton Design, and the car is done up in a black on white theme. The rear end features clear LED tail lamps, but unlike the Saga facelift and the Saga R3 concept facelift, this one doesn’t show off its rear muffler.

The interior has also been blinged up with a white and black theme, and the meter cluster also gets a new design which you can find a zoomed in image with more detail in the live photo gallery after the jump.


A favourite modification theme for Mitsubishi Lancer owners is to ape the legendary Evolution, and we’re sure that some Proton Inspira owners or prospects are looking at the same direction too. But before anyone has attempted that on their new car, Proton Design themselves have come up with an “Inspira Evo” to provide some inspiration. As part of the carmaker’s “Pahlawan” series of concepts at KLIMS, this is the Jebat!

The Jebat has a matt black coat covering large parts of its front and rear, with a matching strip at the lower section of the doors. Look closely and you’ll also notice that the front and rear fenders are puffed up, wide-body style. There are also daytime LEDs, bonnet vents (three in total) and a rear spoiler for the Evo look. The rear bumper has a diffuser that’s quite narrow, covering only the length of the number plate. The wheels are 18-inch items.
Inside, Hang Jebat gets to sit on nice Recaros with red stitching, a theme repeated on the door panels. That and a Clarion touch screen ICE system are the only changes from the standard car.

Next Generation Proton TUAH

 Proton has quite a grand display at the KLIMS 2010 motorshow – there’s a whole array of concept models there that are called the Pahlawan series. All of them look like they could make it into production, at least some derivative of them – it’s just a matter of time when!


Proton Tuah Concept previews next generation Persona!


Proton has quite a grand display at the KLIMS 2010 motorshow – there’s a whole array of concept models there that are called the Pahlawan series. All of them look like they could make it into production, at least some derivative of them – it’s just a matter of time when!

All of the concept cars are named after Malaccan warriors – Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekir, Hang Lekiu and Hang Kasturi. The most exciting for me is this Proton Tuah Concept which you can see above. It’s a four door sedan that could most likely be a preview of the upcoming Persona R replacement model. It’s still a clay model of course so don’t expect production-like finishing. The Tuah/new Persona replacement will be Proton’s new global C-segment offering.
It features a new family face, with daytime running lights integrated in the headlamps and in the fog lamp area. The side profile features large 18 inch 10 spoke wheels wrapped with 225/40R18 tyres, and a nice sloping roofline. On the rear end the left and right tail lamp cluster is joined as a single piece, kinda like a 2nd generation Subaru Legacy.